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Atticus Finch having lived in this culture during this time of segregation also gives him a sense of what Tom Robinson and his audience was feeling.

Speech on Racism: 'To Kill a Mockingbird' by Stephan Cupa

She tempted a Negro. She was white and she tempted a Negro. All throughout the speech Atticus sounds very professional and knowledgeable on the information he is talking about, he seems as if he invested much of his time to that one case and is determined to free Tom Robinson. Atticus uses this very statement in order to elevate the importance of maintaining equality and unbiased opinions to the jury and show his understanding of the court system.

Atticus Finch, by using ethos; has proven himself to his audience. I feel that if I was in the audience during the time that Atticus Finch was giving his closing argument I would be utterly and totally convinced because in the speech he uses the rhetorical appeals pathos, logos, and ethos very well which made his speech fit and connect together. Works Cited To Kill a Mockingbird. Robert Mulligan. Universal Pictures, Accessed October 19, This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers. This gives a follower of a given religion the meaning to the life experiences in reference to the truth.

Scout’s Perception of Truth and Reality: [Essay Example], words GradesFixer

The question of whether there is gender bias in the religion has triggered The novel is about a group of young boys stranded alone on an island and left to fend for themselves. In an attempt to model their previous world without the influence of adults, the order that Examine the contrast between Cleopatra and Octavia.

How do they embody different aspects of womanhood and how is this opposition useful in developing the themes and actions of the play? How might the distinction be given different emphases in performance? Children just want to be rebellious just like Juliet and Romeo. For example, Juliet loves Romeo because she feels pressure from her parents to marry. They have an instant attraction, and when a person is young and easily influenced, this is sometimes all it takes to spark love.

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If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? How about receiving a customized one? Views: Read more. One of the defining lessons for Jem and Scout from the trial is that it is important to adhere to your conscience. Atticus believes that morally, and legally, he must defend Tom Robinson against the charges of raping a white girl, Mayella Ewell.

He knows that he is likely to fail because it is rare for an African-American, in a racist town like Maycomb, to be accorded legal justice, but this does not deter him. Your father is one of them. He also anticipates that Atticus may be capable of sowing the seed of doubt in the minds of the jury. The trial makes the children aware of the discrimination that confronts the negroes in their daily life. The hall is sparse; there is no piano or organ. The Reverend has difficulty collecting money for Helen Robinson because the negroes simply have none to give.

In other words, they do not practice what they preach. Atticus becomes an inspiration to his two children and to those citizens who are ashamed of the injustice towards the negroes. Calmly, he relies on common sense to defuse the potentially violent situation at the town jail, where Tom Robinson was awaiting trial.

He was confronted by a drunken group of Ewell supporters and exposes their mob-like behaviour. Atticus knows that the children will be ridiculed at school, but he also urges them to show dignity and restraint. The depiction of Boo Radley and the interweaving subplot of his exclusion from society, shows the stigma attached to people who are mentally unstable or different.

This parallel story exposes the same ignorance and intolerance as is evident towards Tom Robinson. There was a long jagged scar that ran across his face; what teeth he had were yellow and rotten. He forbids them to treat Boo in this way and the children come to see him as a friend rather than a monster. Bob Ewell stalks them one night with the intent to kill. He would have succeeded if Boo Radley had not intervened to save the children.

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Jem discovers that his pants are neatly folded for him and placed on the fence. They try to communicate with Boo who places gifts in the hole of a tree outside their house.

He leaves them chewing gum, an old watch, soap carvings and other trinkets. The boy had on shorts, and a shock of soapy hair fell to his eyebrows. So did I. Jem shows his appreciation towards Boo by placing a thank you letter in the tree. He does not want Boo to have any connection with the children or with citizens in the town. Mortified, Jem is upset that Nathan Radley could be so callous. Both Jem and Scout develop their own views about Boo Radley independently of the prevailing myths.

They come to see him as a troubled and persecuted person, who has the capacity for infinite kindness. Through his actions, Atticus impresses upon the children that courage is not a man with a gun in his hand. Courage is not about physical strength; it is to courageously defend your principles and withstand the scorn that they often attract.

To Kill a Mockingbird Thesis Statements and Essay Topics

Now he learns that his father is not useless after all, but an excellent marksman. For this reason, he scorns the use of a gun until it is really necessary. Lee depicts Tom as an unfortunate scapegoat of a flawed legal trial in order to highlight the degree to which the negroes are victimised.

During the court case, Atticus draws attention to the fact that it was impossible for a person with one usable arm to have raped Mayella. Tom Robinson is hindered by the disability of his left hand, which was 12 inches shorter than his right arm. Mayella had marks on her neck redolent of choking. Two hands would have been needed to contribute to such physical assault.

Also Ewell did not call a doctor. It seems that Mayella was obviously lying to protect herself from her father.

Essay on Atticus Finch

Her attitude to her garden, and to her flowers, symbolizes this compassionate attitude. She achieved this under great pain and suffering. Mrs Dubose is cantankerous and resentful, but she is determined to die with dignity. To her, this means she must free herself of her morphine addiction. Several citizens of Maycomb, such as Link Deas, support Atticus. Link Deas professes in court that he has never had any trouble with Tom in the whole time he has employed him.