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I use 1 index card per article, and per book chapter. If a book has 9 chapters I write one for each chapter more of chapter is very dense. Note this paper by rioconpiedras on nonhuman agency pic.

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  • Back from the library and ready to go.

The Summary Index Card This type of index card is a summary of a particular journal article, or book chapter, more than of an entire book. As you can see, this index card shows my notes of this article rather than direct quotations. As its name indicates, the Content Index Card is a combination type of index card that includes direct quotations, draft notes and ideas, conceptual diagrams, etc.

Research Note Cards

Can you do digital index cards? For sure.

How to Write a Research Paper

You can either do combinations as I do physical index cards, then row entry in a Conceptual Synthesis Excel Dump row , or all digital either in Evernote or simply in Excel, or synthetic notes or memorandums in Word or Scrivener as you may choose. You can do digital or analog, or a combination, whatever suits you best. I combine, because I find that as I write on an index card, by hand, new ideas come to me.

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When I read full books, I write copious synthetic notes and then write a row entry in my Excel Dump. How do you store and classify index cards?

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I usually have boxes that fit my index cards, and add a plastic tab with the reference in Author Date format. Other people use different classification systems by keyword, by topic, by author. I just recommend that the process be consistent across. If you like the index card by hand method you may want to use plastic tabs and label each index card and store them in a box pic.

Anyone Else in the Midst of a High School Research Paper?

When should I use memorandums and synthetic notes and Excel Dumps, when should I write in my Everything Notebook, when should I craft index cards? If I'm on a plane to Santiago, 8 hours by plane, my laptop battery lasts 3 hours, no chargers on plane — if I want to be awake and work on the plane, I need to write by hand, either in my Everything Notebook or on index cards. Also, if I feel mentally blocked, I write index cards. I'm always stressed and under pressure to write, submit, revise and publish papers, but I have slowly come to the realization that it's better to let my thinking simmer and evolve, and mull ideas over, and writing by hand helps me do exactly that.

So, yes, I do write index cards. Can all this process be digital? Sure thing. Even a combination can work.

You could scan your index cards into an optical character recognition thingie and store the digital content into Evernote, tag it and easily search through your bank of notes. Or you could simply type them. What size of index card should I use? This is again, a personal preference as I note in my tweet below. You may be interested in my other posts on taking notes, which you can access by clicking on this link. You can share this blog post on the following social networks by clicking on their icon. Posted in academia , writing.

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No comments. But if you want — we can do your research paper for you. When a scholar starts investigating the topic, he or she has to read lots of materials to get some overall information about the theme.

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  4. They go to the library, take books, journals, download electronic files, and this all accounts for a considerable amount of data to bear in mind. It is no wonder that some people may get confused or even start panicking. The deadline is coming closer, you have read hundreds of pages, but it seems that you cannot remember even one chapter of that information.

    If you have ever found yourself in a similar state, preparing notecards will be a great way-out. Although you may prepare your notes in the way you prefer, MLA style will be much more useful because it allows you to be coherent and logical in gathering and differentiating the info. You have probably heard about this style because it is that format which most research papers require.

    Scholars have made rules for the systematic organization of notes to make it simple for both students and professors to use the gathered materials for organizing the main body of your work. At this step, you need to have already several cards which you have prepared according to the mentioned rules above. All you need to do now is prepare the outline of your research work.

    The Notecard System: The Key to Making the Most Out of Your Reading

    You have already investigated lots of materials, and you know which chapters can be singled out in your text. First of all, outline with proper headings. The next step is organizing your notes according to the chapter or subtopic. You can make an ideal place on your table where each side is another meaningful section.

    Then write down the name of the episode and start looking through your notes.