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Now memorize these rhetorical devices and learn to recognize them when they appear! The list goes on… Logos — An appeal to logic. Anecdote — A short personal story. Allusion — A reference to a book, movie, song, etc.

Testimony — Quoting from people who have something to say about the issue. Statistics and Data — Using facts and figures. Often accompanied by logos. Rhetorical Questions — Asking questions to make the reader think. Metaphor — Saying one thing IS another thing. Personification — Giving a nonhuman thing human qualities. Hyperbole — Exaggeration Understatement — Making something sound much less than it is. Symbolism — One thing represents something else.

Imagery — Language that appeals to the senses, most often visual Diction — Word choice.

Things to Memorize about Great Rhetorical Analysis Essay: Preparation

Slang — A type of informal diction, often regional. Jargon — Specialized language. Alliteration — Several words that share the same first letter. Assonance — Repeated vowel sounds. Syntax — Sentence structure. Parallelism — Writing constructed in a similar, symmetrical manner. Moreover, it can be even more challenging to ensure that whatever you are saying stays in their head to any extent. The pace of modern society can make people feel like literally everything is a blur and everyone they meet and everything they hear just sort of fades together into an indiscernible mass.

Rhetorical devices can ensure that what you say is memorable. Rhetorical devices are the accessories to your ensemble.

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For instance, take the example of Jobs again in his iPhone launch speech in He used so many rhetorical devices throughout that speech that he pretty much ensured that the audience was completely convinced of the importance and magnitude of the iPhone 7. One simple device he used was rhetorical questions. These devices ensured that the audience thought what he wanted them to think. It also got the audience excited about the product.

All Quiet on the Western Front

Jobs framed the questions in such a way that the audience would answer it in a manner that he wanted them to, so that they would think things like: yes, that was incredible or yes, I want to see that again and yes, that is pretty cool. For Jobs, rhetorical devices were a part of his ability to persuade or convince and to help shape public opinion about what he was launching. But this is true. Jobs had the task of explaining to the world why they might want to carry around a mini-computer with them all the time.

This was a concept that he was forced to sell to the audience, and rhetorical devices really helped him achieve this goal.

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Oh, a stylus, right? Aporia allows him to do this as the fake questions he poses permits him to answer them, which he does.

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This allowed him to suggest that the iPhone 7 was exactly what they wanted. This is one the greatest and most common rhetorical devices that you can place into your writing in order to make it better. Many students are probably abundantly acquainted with this literary device, as it is prevalent through academia, pop culture, and colloquial speech.

An analogy connects two things in order to shed light on one, providing a new perspective or sense of understanding. This quote clearly connects people with stained glass windows in order to make commentary about the necessity of having inner character or light. Anyone can appear to be doing well when the sun is out, however, it takes real beauty to be able to shine in the darkness. This rhetorical device is comparable to alliteration because it too relies on repetition.

Instead of repeating sounds, each clause repeats a new set of words. I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today! This device means that a phrase will be repeated but the order of the words will be changed in order to impact a more significant meaning.

John F. This tool helps to give the reader a sense of repetition but without using obvious repetition.

Best Rhetorical Devices for Your Essay (12222 Edition)

This gives the best of both worlds, as it creates impact but with a sense of freshness. This rhetorical device is similar to anaphora as it too deals with the repetition of words and phrases, however the words repeated appear at the end of each clause. For example, consider the words of Dorothy Kilgallen, a journalist of When he was unappreciated and obscure, he was hot-tempered, egotistical, extravagant, and moody. When one considers this type of device in writing, the impact is clear: the entire message becomes more memorable, more poignant and creates an overall bigger impact.

Constructing a chart like that allows you to build an argument and support for it. You can deconstruct the text, but also see how the small segments create bigger links throughout the text. Other rhetorical effects noteworthy in these two paragraphs are words associate with war and religion lexical sets , language that compares and contrasts, word repeats and use of consonance.

One important thing to note is that a speech is not a text to be read but an act to be performed, so by finding a recording of the speech you could also include pauses, intonation, stresses, and body language as a subject to analyze. Always think about your medium where your audience receives it.

The most important thing in forming an outline for your analysis is having performed an in-depth analysis on your subject. Through extensive analysis notes you can:. Check out our recent guide on How to write a critical analysis essay!

The first line of a rhetorical essay should be a hook. A powerful hook can be:. Next, you want to introduce the subject of your analysis and the context of analysis. This is just what you are analyzing and how it was originally delivered. If we go back to the JFK inaugural example above, a rhetorical analysis introduction could be:. So, what makes this powerful speech so timeless? Each body paragraph should deal with a single topic or area of analysis. How you organize the paragraphs depends on the areas that you have set out to discuss. If you are discussing the three appeals you might want a paragraph dedicated to ethos, one to pathos and one to logos.

If you are discussing three rhetorical devices, you might want one paragraph for each.

The Tipping Point: Rhetorical Analysis Essay

Some even choose to discuss the devices in chronological order. A very effective way to set up your paragraph order is to state the subject being discussed. Explain the subject and provide examples.