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Washington University in St. William E. Louis, where he has taught since He earned his B.

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He recently completed a scholarly biography of Michelangelo. In Professor Wallace was invited to the Vatican to confer about the conservation of Michelangelo's frescos in the Sistine Chapel. Genius of Michelangelo William E. Wallace gives you a comprehensive perspective on one of history's greatest artists. Drawing on a vast command of artistic knowledge and period detail, these 36 intellectually rewarding and visually dazzling lectures explore the relationship between truth and legend to reveal a Enter a world of artistic richness in two courses taught by expert art historians.

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Great Artists of the Italian Renaissance explores the period's masterful paintings, sculptures, and architecture—and the brilliant artists who created them, including Leonardo, Botticelli, and Titian. Then, focus on the life, masterpieces, and legacy of Michelangelo, the definitive Renaissance man.

My current research interests include superconductivity and spintronics, which I aim to further understand through the CDT-CMP programme. In my spare time I enjoy going to gigs running and playing guitar. I graduated with my MSci from the University of Nottingham, with my final year project focussed on the fabrication and characterisation of a graphene-based photodetector using colloidal quantum dots. Currently I am interest in superconductivity and the transport properties of novel materials, and I hope to make use of my first year at the CDT-CMP to determine which area of condensed matter physics to pursue for my PhD.

My masters project was on the phase diagrams of 1D supersolids, exploring a coherent state representation. My research interests lie in the behavious of strongly-correlated electron systems and their theoretical description, and the application of QFT in condensed matter.

yoku-nemureru.com/wp-content/how-to/3063-top-mobile.php I primarily enjoy the theoretical side of physics, and I am hoping to be be able to use the skills taught to me by the CDT to simulate spintronic systems for an industry collarborated Western Digital under the supervision of Dr. Martin Gradhand. Outside of physics I like playing guitar and discovering new music. Flor de Scotia, Trademark Registered by W.

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