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Ashlee over at Work at Home Happiness tried one of these straight data entry jobs and had this to say,. Along with the Internet and online shopping, came a new breed of customer service, and that's the live chat agent. Live chat agents answer customer's questions and queries on the spot via online text chat platforms.

Some chat positions require background knowledge of a particular area such as tech support , but many others are more general and don't require any specialized skills except for quick and accurate typing. Do you like watching videos? Then perhaps working as a captioner is your dream work-at-home gig.

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Closed captioners watch TV shows, movies, and videos, type what they hear and sync it to the video. Typing accuracy and speed will factor into how much you can make. Virtual assistants are highly-skilled, home-based professionals that offer companies, businesses, entrepreneurs, and bloggers administrative support. Virtual assistants perform a wide variety of tasks, so excellent typing skills are a must. Some of the most basic tasks that VAs perform are sending email correspondence, creating documents, marketing tasks, editing, data entry, and internet research — all which require accurate typing skills.

Do you have an eagle eye? Then perhaps this is the typing gig for you.

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Proofreaders work with a variety of professionals to polish their written documents and works. They check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice, as well as fact-checking and improving readability. Many editors have English or journalism degrees, but others break into the field via internships, on-the-job training, and some have a natural gift and are self-taught. Editors need excellent typing and communication skills.

1. Data Entry - Simplest Way to Earn Money Online by Typing Documents, Pages, Etc.

You may think that you need a specialized degree to be a writer, but that's not the case. All you need is practice and a love of the craft, and you can make decent money writing articles, newsletters, social media updates, white papers, blog posts, sales letters, case studies, and video scripts. And the faster and more accurate you can type — the more work you can churn out. Are you a fast and accurate typist? Do you have excellent listening skills? Then perhaps transcription is the gig for you.

Transcription is the process of listening to audio files and transcribing them into written documents. There are many types of transcription from medical and legal which require additional training to general transcription which does not require specialized training. Most companies will make you take a test to ensure you can meet quality standards.

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And again, the faster you can type, the more documents you can crank out, the more money you'll make. Want to know more about Transcription? Does the law appeal to you? Often the more specialized typing will be done in an office, rather than from home, but once you have experience, it is often possible to transition to telecommuting.

Typically, you will need more than just training and certification to land a home-based medical transcription job. Medical transcriptionists also work on a contract basis with their own home business. Read more about medical transcriptionists or search for.

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Captioning is a bit different from most home-based transcription work, because instead of working off recorded audio, the real-time captioner types live video. It requires very fast typing speeds, accuracy, and specialized stenography equipment. Only the most experienced typist can transition to real-time transcription. However, there is also caption work for typing captions for recorded video, called offline captioning. In offline captioning, the audio of a recorded video is transcribed and added as captions in the post-production process.

I have taught the programs.

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I have also done transcription for some of my previous employers. I am looking to be able to work from home and I have high speed internet and Microsoft Office. I have taught myself some aspects of Dreamweaver. I have edited audio and video files for our church.

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General transcription covers a wide range of transcription jobs and most companies hiring in this category will recruit Transcribers with different levels of skill and equipment.. Legal transcription is another type of general transcription that requires typists to be familiar with legal terms and procedures.

Most times, you will have to use a relevant skill or employ some legal knowledge to perform the job satisfactorily. Your role is to transcribe medical documents for Physicians or medical practitioners.