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There is no fee to change your registration; however, if you wish to cancel your test but fail submit a withdrawal request, or if you do not show up to your scheduled test, you will not receive a refund or credit voucher of any kind. The minimum passing score for the CTEL is per subtest. Each test is scored separately, which means you need to achieve at least a on all three CTEL tests. To pass the entirety of the CTEL, you must pass each subtest. The content of the subtests reflects an alignment with the aforementioned KSAs, which include language structure and use, additive-language development, assessment of English language learners, content instruction and development of English literacy, methodology for English language instruction, and cultural diversity and inclusion.

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In terms of content, the following outline provides basic details regarding what each subtest covers, as well as the number of questions and allotted testing times for each subtest:. Once you begin the exam, read the essay questions first. The reason for this is that after you read the essay questions there should be several questions in the multiple choice portion that will help you or give you ideas for your essay.

Do not spend too much time on one multiple choice question. This is where I feel that the exam is unfair. I was able to easily narrow most answers down to a choice of two, but then the last two answers are both correct, although one is more correct and that is left up to the test makers. Kurt began his teaching career in and immediately starting looking for ways to update the traditional kindergarten curriculum.

Throughout the country, including the state of California, teachers who are interested in teaching English learners are required to complete special training programs and become certified to teach this group of students.


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Over the last several years, educational experts have come to recognize that teaching non-English speaking students requires different skills than many teachers have developed through traditional education programs at colleges and universities. In California, since , most teachers are required to receive English learner training as part of their education and credentialing program. It is predicted that in the coming years, there will be more opportunities for teachers of English learners, in the state of California, in the country, and abroad. While not all positions abroad require the CTEL credential, most employers prefer candidates who do possess it.

They know that in order to receive the credential, the teacher has received specialized training and has retained enough knowledge to be an effective teacher to these students. These opportunities will be available on many levels, for children, college students, and adults both locally and outside the country. There will be a growing number of specialized programs in all kinds of schools for these students, and the demand for this type of teacher will mean that teachers who have earned certification will be well paid for their efforts.

There are three types of certifications that are being used in the state of California to meet the needs of English learners. Teachers who are interested in working with this population may need to become certified in one or all of these programs, depending on if they speak a different language currently. In order to teach English learners, teachers will need to possess certification in English language development ESL classroom program , specially designed academic instruction delivered in English a sheltered classroom program , or content instruction delivered in the primary language a bilingual classroom program.

According to the state of California, requirements for the English learner authorization or Cross-cultural, Language and Academic Development CLAD Certificate may be satisfied by coursework completed through an approved California Teachers of English Learners CTEL program, passing the appropriate approved examinations, or through a combination of exams and course work.

The bilingual authorization may be earned in a similar manner through a combination of exams and course work. Another good reason to study for the exam is that it gets you used to the format and questions, which will improve your chances of passing. Here are some study tools and materials you can use to help you prepare for the CTEL exam.

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The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing has developed and published study guides for all of their credentialing exams, including the CTEL exam. This study guide is the most important tool you can use to help you prepare for the exam. The study guide is available online and it contains five sections.

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The first section provides basic information such as how the test is structured and helpful tips and advice for preparing for the exam. The second section contains a list of the knowledge, skills, and abilities KSAs that the exam will be testing you on. This section provides a lot of detailed information about the subject areas that are covered on the exam. The Commission advises examinees to take the time to read through this section a few times, and make note of any area in which you feel you might need to improve on. The last three sections are practice questions that you can use to help you study and prepare; each section contains sample test questions representing each subtest area.

Every person who plans to take this exam needs to use this study guide as his or her primary preparation tool. In addition to the study guide that the Commission provides, there are companies that have also developed and published study guides for the test. However, you need to be careful when choosing additional study guides. Not all of these guides will help you, and some can be costly. Before ordering any study guide, plan to get the input of others that you respect and who are knowledgeable of the CTEL exam.

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If you just completed an educational program, the program director or instructor can help you assess the study guides. You can also ask other teachers who completed and passed the exam which study guides they used for the exam. The important thing is that you do choose at least two different study guides in addition to the Commission guide to help you prepare for the exam. Using just one guide can limit the depth and variety of material covered, and using more than two can become costly.

In addition to study guides, there are also other tools you can use.

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Flashcard systems have been proven to aid with memorization tasks. Also, consider forming a study group. Forming a study group means you must allot a certain number of hours each week to studying. The first thing you should know is how the exam is scored.

ctel essay questions

Recommendations from California educators were used to determine the passing score for each subtest. Your test score is based on how well you did when compared to the standard established, not through comparison with other examinees.

The total subtest score is based on raw score points you earned in each section multiple-choice section and essay section , the weighting of these sections, and the scale of that score. These scores are then converted to a scale of to , and the scaled score of represents the minimum passing score.