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Dissatisfaction may arise if you perform tasks that don't interest you day after day, or if you don't have opportunities to do the things you most enjoy. And without the right complement of skills, you may not be able to land the job you want—and even if you do, you may not perform up to expectations, which could lead to conflict, unhappiness, and failure.

In order to be satisfied, your values must be aligned with your career choice. Your skills and interests could be a perfect match—but if the job you have trained for does not provide the tangible outcomes you want the most earnings level, time freedom, location, and so on or the intrinsic rewards you seek prestige, the satisfaction of being an expert, the rush of discovery, the feeling that you are making a difference, and so forth then you will not be happy in your career.

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Here, we offer a step-by-step process to help you identify career options that involve tasks that you are good at and enjoy doing while also providing the rewards and outcomes you need. You may wish to go beyond the resources we have provided, consulting books and other Web-based resources.

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For example, industry-specific salary tables might help you determine whether a path is likely to fulfill your income goals. Finally, go out and talk to people about the career paths you're most interested in. Network and conduct informational interviews with people in the field, or at a specific company of interest to you. One-on-one conversations can help you learn more about workplace climate and family friendly policies, for example. The diagram to the right illustrates the overall goal of these exercises: To find that small subset of all the possible career options that will engage you in the most interesting tasks, take advantage of your best skills, and provide the rewards you most need from your career.

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Working through the six steps above may require a lot of time and effort, but we promise it will be worth it! The authors wish to thank the people below for their input in the development of the career-matching component of myIDP. These professionals, who specialize in careers for Ph. These data formed the basis of the career matching calculation in the Career Exploration section of myIDP.

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As seen in:. MnCareers Interest Assessment. Select activities you like to create your Interest Profile. Learn what types of careers people with similar profiles often enjoy. CareerOneStop Skills Matcher.

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