Dividing and classifying essays

Transitions are appropriate and add to the effectiveness of the paragraph.

Types of essay

Writing is clear and sentences have varied structure. There is consistent tone and word choice is appropriate with fairly good use of transitions to guide the reader. Writing is mostly clear, though there might be some subtle issues with flow, word choice, or argumentation. Writing is clear, but sentences may lack variety. The tone is inconsistent and word choice, while adequate, could be better. While transitions are present they do not add to the overall effectiveness of the paragraph. Writing is confusing and hard to follow. The tone and purpose is inconsistent and difficult to determine.

Transitions are either missing or inappropriate. Essay's flow or structure is non-existent. No errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar, or capitalization. Any errors are minor, but significant enough not to warrant a rating of Excellent. A few minor errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar, or capitalization, but they do not detract from the overall meaning and effectiveness of the paragraph.

A few errors in punctuation, grammar, spelling, and capitalization that, while distracting, the meaning and intent of the paragraph can still be discerned.

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Distracting and major errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and capitalization. Essay is unreadable. Do more with this rubric:. Test run. Classrooms ePortfolios Rubrics Coursework Grades. My Account. RCampus Enterprise Request Info. All rights reserved. Division and Classification essay scoring rubric. Classification, rubric, writing components. Criteria for Essay.

The 40 Best Classification & Division Essay Topics To Consider

Excellent 10 pts. Superior 9 pts.

The Principles of Division and Classification

Good 8 pts. Fair 7 pts.

Classification and Division Essays

Poor 6 pts. Unacceptable 3 pts. Excellent Categories and examples are well connected and clearly support the overall position of the thesis.

Superior Categories and examples are clear, but the connection to the thesis could be more clearly established. Good Categories and examples are established, though they could be better clarified. Fair The essay contains categories and examples, but they are still in a developmental state. Poor Categories and examples need to be better defined and linked to the thesis.

Unacceptable No clear examples or categories are established.

Here Are the Top 20 Topics for a Classification Essay:

Excellent Very well developed thesis statement. Superior Thesis statement creates interest and is well developed. Good Thesis statement creates interest and is fairly well developed, but it is not engaging and lacks creativity and detail. Fair Thesis statement contains what is being classified, but does not give a clear basis for classification.

Classification-Division Pattern

Poor Thesis statement does not state what is being classified nor the basis for classification. Unacceptable Thesis not clear or present. Excellent The details are in a clear, effective order, and they support the author's basis for classification with creativity that is interesting and engaging. Superior The essay does have a clear flow, but the level of classification has not reached the Excellent level in terms of argument, flow, or interest level. Good The details are in a clear. Fair The details are in a discernible order, but there are not enough to clearly support each category of classification.

Poor No discernible organization. Unacceptable No clear organization.

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Excellent Introduction and conclusion serve to capture the reader's interest and keeps the reader thinking after the essay is completed. Superior The introduction and conclusion serve their stated purposes, but could be further developed to help the essay. Good Introduction and conclusion contain all the required elements, but seem a little "tacked on" to the essay. Fair Introduction and conclusion seem fairly basic and underdeveloped. Poor Introduction and conclusion are significantly underdeveloped. Unacceptable Introduction or conclusion missing or incomplete.

Excellent Each paragraph contains a clearly focused topic sentence that relates to the thesis statement.

What Is a Division Classification Essay?

Superior Body paragraphs are better developed than in the Good stage, but still need more honing to reach the Excellent level. Good Each paragraph contains a topic sentence that relates to the thesis. Fair Each paragraph does not contain a topic sentence, or there are details, but they are either not clear or each category is not adequately covered.

Poor No apparent topic sentences in the paragraphs. Unacceptable Body paragraphs fail to show any significant organization. Excellent Topic sentences engage in a superior level of function in the essay and meet all 4 functions in the essay. Superior Topic sentences have all four elements, but need additional honing to achieve the Excellent level. Good Topic sentences have all 4 elements, but need development. Fair Topic sentences may be missing one or more of the 4 functions or need significant levels of development. Poor Topic sentences are missing or are ineffective in terms of meeting the 4 functions.

Unacceptable Topic sentences do not function. Excellent Writing is smooth, skillful, and coherent. Superior Writing is clear and sentences have varied structure.