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Make it easy on your advisor. How do you do this? By writing an email that is organized, streamlined, and as easy as possible to answer.

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But, before sending another email, have a conversation and ask how your advisor would like to be contacted. Something like this:.

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Would you prefer, in general, that I email you when I have questions, etc. Often, a quick reminder is all it takes to put an almost-forgotten email back on top of the priority list. So how to write an email that is less likely to be ignored in the first place? Each bullet should contain the relevant information and the exact question you need answered.

7 Tips for Applying for a Research Degree

This is just like how writing a single check for a consolidated student loan payment is easier than writing several checks to different lenders; writing a single email is just another way of making it easy for your advisor to reply. You want every email your advisor receives from you to be associated with important content.

Tip 7: Seek out other sources of information e. When I'm not working on research or as a part-time statistical consultant, I may be found playing recreational co-ed soccer or spending time with the coolest kid I know: my daughter, Sophie.

How do I email my supervisor? Part two – the thank you note. – The Thesis Whisperer

Also vying for my attention are two very sweet and very needy Labradors and one feigningly disinterested kitty. I am working on a research-based PhD in social psychology. My current research directions include attitudes and deliberate self-persuasion as well as irrational contagion of moral credentials.

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Remember Me. Subscribe to this blog post. About the author. The responsibility of your supervisor is to direct you towards the right path no to complete research on your behalf. Adhering to the following principles can increase the quality of your interactions with your supervisor significantly making your task of producing a quality dissertation much easier:.

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Take time to prepare for each meeting with your supervisor. You will have only a limited number of meetings with your supervisor and you must strive to make the most of each meeting. It is critically important to address each point mentioned by your supervisor during the last meeting. Respect the time of your supervisor.

Email contact with your dissertation supervisor

Supervisors are usually dealing with a number of students writing dissertation simultaneously, and most of them have teaching classes as well. You must prepare questions for your supervisor in advance, and refrain asking unintelligent questions such as if you need to put course title on the cover of your work or asking questions about submission date which can be found on dissertation handbook.

Asking such questions is a waste of time for you and your supervisor and it will most likely annoy your supervisor. Communicate with your supervisor clearly and regularly. Supervisors cannot read your mind.

You need to be able to communicate the points you want to discuss in a clear and unambiguous manner both forms, verbal and written. Write your-emails appropriately.