M.s thesis vs m.s non thesis

For additional information about mechanical engineering graduate programs, contact Dr. Steve Shepard. Search the college. Graduate Programs.

Program of Study

Home Graduate Programs M. Program M. All students on teaching or research assistantships in the department are expected to pursue the thesis option.

Master's Degree Requirements

The student must pass a final comprehensive examination, which is typically a presentation and defense of the thesis. In addition, the student must satisfy all University requirements defined in the current edition of The University of Alabama Graduate Catalog. A minimum of 12 semester hours in the major area at or above the level. Major area courses are ME and ME cross-listed courses. In Simple words Non-Thesis Masters program is similar to what most of the students might have done in Under-Graduation. Every semester had a certain set of subjects and by clearing the exam for each subject you complete that subject.

This is Non-Thesis. There are certain points that I wish to highlight in Non-Thesis option.

Where to specify your option: —. Generally while filling your online application you may be asked this question as to whether you are interested in Thesis or Non-Thesis option. If they have not asked then you will be asked when you join the University. To Conclude I would say, Thesis is for those students who want to pursue extensive research in their Masters program and Non-Thesis are for those who are not interested in Research and are more focused towards starting their professional career after Masters.

Very nice information provided. Thanks a lot.

Master's non-Thesis degree, MSE | Materials Science and Engineering

I want to pursue Phd after my masters, So by doing Thesis masters would help me or no? I really want to commend your wonderful explanation on the subject matter. Very educative and inspiring thank you so much. I do not know yet if i will do my Phd, but your message is adequately understood.

Master's Thesis vs. Non-Thesis

Thank u so much for d info! But I was just wondering… What if I finished the non thesis…then in time, I realized that I wanted to pursue a doctoral degree.. Will it be possible? Thanks for the info!

Been wondering what the difference is between these two! What will be the minimum duration for the PhD? Hello Mr. Shrinivas, is there any concept as in a Masters done with Thesis is always more valuable than a non thesis one? If I do masters with thesis, will it help me get into a job as well.

Yes it will help you get a job as well.

People do go for jobs after thesis program. Hi, will there be any disadvantage for me, like getting a job if I prefer to do MS in non-thesis subject? So by taking the non-thesis avenue does that hinder your chances of earning a PHD in the future if one decides to return to school???

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Thank you for this piece. I think what would suite me would me non-thesis, I just need an advanced studies then head off to start a business. Can we switch between Thesis and Non-Thesis options after joining the university? In Thesis option, like a normal non-thesis MS will there be time given for internships? Can a Non-thesis program be extended directly into a PhD if the research program is good?


Graduate School (MS-MBA) in USA – Thesis vs. Non-Thesis option. What is good for me?

Hello raghav, Thanks for the information. But I have few questions to ask. What about these countries are they having a thesis program? If any please suggest me. Check the course details to get to know whether its thesis or non-thesis. What about MS non thesis degree with individual research publications? Will it create any problem for pursuing PhD? Hi, What if I have interest in Research Work but receive an offer for non -thesis In Aerospace Engineering option from university based on my profile and score and I choose the non-thesis offer,then,.

Can I apply for a Phd after completion of the Non- thesis option in my field? Will I be able to change into Ms Thesis option after enrolling for the non- thesis option after starting at the university?? Hello, I have the same doubt too! I wanted to know if we can switch from thesis to non-thesis or vice versa.

MS Thesis Option

You got any info regarding this? Please help me out. Hello, Can I switch from thesis based program to course based program like after a year or something like that? I really need to know this! Please help? I got a offer for thesis based program in a university so I am thinking if I can switch to course based program in a different university after sometime.