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Jackson vanquished enemies in battle everywhere and won a truly astonishing victory at New Orleans. As president he was, depending on whom one asked, either our greatest popular tribune or the closest we have come to an American Caesar. An adept manipulator of his own image, Jackson played a willing hand in fusing the political and the personal.

First as a candidate and then as president, he reordered the political landscape around his own popularity. Swept into office on a wave of genuine grassroots enthusiasm, Jackson labored successfully through eight years as president to reshape his personal following into an effective political apparatus—the Democratic Party, our first mass political party, which organized under his guidance.

Andrew jackson

Those conundrums endure, and the facts, or arguments, behind them would fill a book. One is his attack on corporate privilege and on the concentrated political influence of wealth. Populists and other agrarian insurgents in the nineteenth century, and New Deal Democrats in the twentieth, claimed it as their birthright. To other recent scholars, though, the Bank Veto has seemed merely demagogic, while to most people outside the academy the whole Jacksonian struggle over banking grew to appear baffling and arcane, divorced from our present concerns. All of that has suddenly changed.

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They are again often quoted, and his reputation has enjoyed, at least for the moment, a sharp uptick. The symbolic freighting of this subject can hardly be overstated. It opens a door behind which one finds Jackson the archetypal Indian-hater, the slave owner, the overbearing male patriarch, and the frontiersman not as heroic pioneer but as imperialist, expropriator, and killer. There is no doubt that removing the American Indians, particularly those in Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi, was centrally important to Jackson.

He claimed to be acting only on impulses of duty and philanthropy. American Indians could not, without violating the essential rights of sovereign states, remain where they were; their own self-preservation required quarantine from pernicious white influences; and the terms offered for their evacuation were reasonable and even generous.

Critics, then and since, have branded these as artful rationalizations to cover real motives of greed, racism, and land-lust.

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Adams due to his strong dislike towards Andrew Jackson. Adams into presidency.


Through out Andrew Jackson's presideny he had a lot of ideas like when he opposed the american system. Accomplishments such as when he paid off the us national debt, and one of his failures wasv when he destroyed the second national bank of the us.

Andrew Jackson had many accomplishments during his presidency. He was elected president of the United States in Jacksons campaign was aggressive and…. Login Join. Open Document. How Democratic was Andrew Jackson?

Andrew Jackson 1767-1845 A brief biography

Andrew Jackson was a man of many faces and many of his views were not very democratic. First, Jackson was not democratic for economic reasons.

Andrew Jackson Essay

During his presidency many of his actions were viewed as king behavior than one of a president. One person ever made a cartoon of Jackson wearing a kings crown and kings clothes and tramping the constitution. This represents that people saw Andrew as "King Andrew" because he did whatever he wanted and acted like a dictator by disobeying the constitution.

Another example would be when Jackson implemented the Spoils System, which was when he brought supporters of himself into federal jobs. Jackson argued that the jobs were easy and that anyone could do them. Next, Jackson was not democratic for economic reasons.

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  • Jackson vetoed the bill to recharter the second bank of the united states of america. He said it was protecting the democracy from going corrupt. Jackson was hated when he destroyed the national bank for personal reasons saying "The Bank is trying to kill me but i will kill it.


    In congress passed a compromise bill which set a new tariff, when the other southern states accepted the new tariff the threat of S. And in his mind the bank was in violation on the Constitution. The increase in loans from the state chartered caused a land boom and gave the federal government a surplus which it split up amongst the states , the increase in loans brought on the use of paper currency that was issued by the state banks, Jackson prohibited the use of paper money to by federal land or pay federal debts.

    This demand for coins called specie led to many bank failures in the Panic of Even thought he personally agreed with the rebellion of Texas against Mexico. Polk probably due to Van Burins failed economic policy.

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    • Jackson was a powerful voice in the Democratic party even after retired. He died on June 8, on his plantation, the Hermitage, in Nashville Tennessee. He even went so far as to call himself the elected representative of all American people. He used the power of the veto 12 times more times than all of his successors combined. And his use of the powers of removal and of executive orders made a standard for a modern American Presidency.

      The closest to someone like Jackson would of probably been Colin Powel, unfortunately he decided not to run.

      Accomplishments and Criticism

      When you gave this project, I though Jackson was a mean tempered Indian fighter who found his way to office because he took over Florida and defended New Orleans Successfully. But I grew to learn that he was really a great president and did a lot for the presidency of the United States of America. Related Essays Andrew Jackson The year was The election of this year was very unusual because of the….