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Very loosely plotted around him, to look more. Scholarship essay, readers share the time of three books, we all afternoon in my family reunion picnic with, and fullest. This site uses cookies and other tracking technologies to administer and improve your experience on our site, to help diagnose and troubleshoot potential server malfunctions, and to gather use and demographic information. See our cookie policy. Skip to Content. Get age-based picks. Madea knows best, phrasing and acting on her wisdom in raucous fashion; her language is crude and her solutions are comically violent.

Although she overs a stable environment for her family members, her response to domestic abuse is more violence. Includes both dramatic and comic violence: Carlos hits Lisa several times, leaving bruises on her face and chest, threatens to throw her out their window; Lisa eventually throws hot grits at Carlos' face and hits him repeatedly; Victoria slaps Vanessa, who punches her back; Madea slaps a boy who bullies Nikki, hits Nikki with a belt, and several times talks about "tearing that ass up," and other slang for her disciplinary methods.

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Moderate language, including s-word, "damn," "hell," and "bitch," as well as slang "crap," "balls," "wide load" for Madea's large behind. Drinking of wine and beer at parties and nightclubs; characters drink champagne in a couple of scenes at home; characters refer to "weed," "the chronic," and a junkie mother selling her daughter for "a fix.

Madea threatens violence as punishment she will "tear that ass up," for example , and in some scenes acts on her warning: She slaps a boy in the head and hits her foster child with a belt for skipping school; she advises her niece on revenge for her abuse, and eventually the niece throws hot grits on her abuser and then beats him with a frying pan. At the reunion, the family matriarchs chastise the younger generation for playing craps, arguing, and dancing provocatively we see examples of all these bad behaviors.

Characters refer to sexual activity and use slang "get some" , including prostitution one character says her mother was a "whore".


Characters drink beer, wine, and champagne, and refer to "weed," "the chronic," and "a fix. Add your rating See all 6 parent reviews. Add your rating See all 6 kid reviews. Lisa confesses her plight to her mother Victoria Lynn Whitfield , who says "Women sometimes have to deal with things to be comfortable.

Still, Vanessa has reservations due to her tense relationship with Victoria, who treats her as a "failure" and focuses on Lisa's upcoming wedding. As Vanessa is currently living with Madea, the matriarch finds plenty of opportunities to offer opinions on her nieces' situations. Madea also has a new addition to her household, foster child Nikki Keke Palmer. Madea pushes her to do well in school and believe in herself after learning that a previous foster parent told Nikki she could only make a living "on [her] back". While the sequel shows more confidence and better production values, Madea's Family Reunion essentially repeats the first plot: Madea advises an abused relative on how to save herself.

While Madea provides Nikki with a stable home and emotional encouragement, she serves a different function for the film's audience by performing unsubtle comedy like beating Nikki with a belt, trash talking, and threatening humorously to beat or kill those who disobey her. It's funny, and sets Madea apart from those she counsels -- they had better not do as she does. The Madea franchise is premised on this excessive characterization, and audiences love the character.

Still, she can be repetitive, and this film is unevenly paced and predictable. Alternately boisterous, syrupy, and endearing, the film bolsters Madea's belief in family strength-in-unity by community-building, history-remembering, spirit-reviving speeches by Maya Angelou and Cicely Tyson , who show up at the reunion and final scene's wedding.

Families can talk about the strong ties among family members in Madea's Family Reunion , and the power of forgiveness why is it important that Vanessa forgives her mother, even though Victoria allowed her husband to abuse Vanessa sexually as a child? How does Lisa feel trapped in her relationship with Carlos? How is Victoria's determination to have her daughter marry a wealthy man explained, so she remains "sympathetic"?

Cicely Tyson as Myrtle. Henry Simmons as Issac.

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Lisa Arrindell as Vanessa. Rochelle Aytes as Lisa. Tangi Miller as Donna. China Anderson as Nima. Akhil Jackson as Jonathan. Alonzo Millsap as Tre. Georgia Allen as Ruby. Cassi Davis as Aunt Sarah. Leon Lamar as Grover. John Lawhorn as Uncle Pete. Afemo Omilami as Isaac Sr. Ryan Gentles as Stripper Policeman. Judge Mablean Ephriam as Judge Ephriam. Richard Reed as Bailiff No.

Dale Neal as Kid No. Michelle Griffin as Carlos' Woman Friend. Cedric Pendleton as Carlos' Man Friend. Deanna Dawn as Tyrequa. Enoch King as Hykeem. Ginnie Randall as Miss Samuel.