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This new guideline is a superior guideline to follow, and in the long run, students will realize how this ban affected their learning experience All states should have some sort of legal parameters of what happens when you get caught using your cell phone while driving.

People are way more impaired when you are distracted and driving than you are drinking and driving. The problem with this is that so many people do it and it is so unbearable hearing so many stories of how many people die every year because they make the mistake In fact, they even seem to be replacing human contact, and are now how both children and teenagers communicate with each other. Cell phone sales have sky rocketed at an alarming rate, and many of the consumers are under the age of 18, meaning they are still in elementary and high school.

Powerful Essays words 4 pages Preview. Cell phones and other forms of hand-held digital technology have made their way into the classroom and has become a common accessory among high school and middle school students. As the technological capabilities of these hand held devices increase and the upsurge of their popularity continues, educators race to establish protocol for their use at school Charles, Term Papers words 5. Almost 90 million people subscribe to wireless telephone services, and 85 percent of those subscribers use their phones while driving to conduct business, report emergencies, stay in touch with loved ones, call for assistance, and report aggressive or drunk drivers.

It's not just phones on the road anymore. In , two major auto manufacturers -General Motors and Ford- formed agreements with telecommunications companies that will enhance wireless features in even more vehicles Free Essays words 4 pages Preview. These inventions have made human lives easier; however, they hinder the unity of families and a person's concept of actuality.

Out of the recent advances in portable electronics, cell phones seem to be the product people rely on the most. Upon accessing this device, people forget the person who is physically with them and their current environment. An in-depth phone conversation distracts a human from his or her surroundings, and people tend to bump into one another causing potentially dangerous situations Free Essays words 2. There was a time where only people of wealth had these types of mobile phones.

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Now people from all social classes own a cell phone. They are extremely convenient and have the ability to do just about anything you can think of The most important kind of technology to many people is the cell phone. People bring their cell phones everywhere they go and use it on a daily basis.

Cell phones has many advantages and disadvantages. Cell phones have been around for quite some time now, but as time goes on, cell phones continue to gain many features. A cell phone started out as just a simple device that only had numbers, and most people used them for emergencies only. Nowadays, cell phones have many features such as: phone calls, text messaging, accessing the internet, sending emails, taking pictures, using calculators, an alarm clock, and many more Cell phones are extremely convenient.

They cell phones allow us to communicate in multiple ways.


You can text, email, call, video chat, use social media apps to stay in contact with anyone anywhere. Technology has made its way into every facet of our lives and helps to make life easier and more functional. For the most part, cellular technology has almost become an unconscious thing for us, something most of us take for granted Better Essays words 4. The need to check social media has become much like an addiction to most and many cannot go minutes without checking their cell phone. Broken relationships, miscommunication, sleep deprivation, bad grades, and laziness have all resulted in an excessive use of the cell phone In our society having a cell phones has become second nature, and has become a convenient.

Many have accepted the use of these cell phones young and old and use them regularly.

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Though not all of them are using them for worthy practices. This is why our principal has banned the use of cell phones at our school. Is this good or bad for our school. In my opinion I think that this is not a good idea if students are using it in classes He spent most of his time on his cell phone or using his tablet, and he did not do well in school. He was different than my other classmates and I believe that he never felt comfortable in the classroom.

Cell phones are one of the most revolutionary advances in the last decades because they make things simpler and easier but cell phones have a strong impact on teenagers Better Essays words 3 pages Preview. If there is an accident the person can call for people for help. If there ever an issue of safety, since a cell phone small and light weight the person might able to text or call for help without being notice.

Cell phones make it more convenience for a person safety because cell phone allows us to communicate with other. Cell phones allow us to keep in touch with family and friends. Simple-style cell phones can be preset and used for even young kids Moseley. Important contact information can be preset so if there is an emergency, people can just press the button and it goes straight to the person Cell phones were first invented in the early 70s Szumski 17 and have since evolved into a deadly weapon, causing all sorts of health and safety issues including cyberbullying and brain tumors.

Cell phones have also been linked to behavioral problems in teens and children, even without the facts it is easy to look at this generation compared to 20 years ago. This generation is more worried about their phone rather than an actual human being Strong Essays words 6. A mobile phone is a telephone that can make and receive calls over a radio frequency carrier while the user is moving within a telephone service area. In addition to telephony, modern mobile phones support a variety of other services, such as text messaging, email, Internet access, short-range wireless communications, business applications, gaming, and photography.

Cell Phones which offer these and more general computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones Strong Essays words 4. You do not have time to use the house phone to call work, so you get in your car and while you are driving down the road, you use your cell phone to call your boss. You look down for exactly 5 seconds, and you never look up again. Now tell me, are cell phones dangerous. Not only can cell phones be dangerous on the road, they are dangerous off the road. Many people do not understand how harmful they can be, which is what I am here to tell you With a inch-long, 2.

In those days, the average middle-class person could not afford to buy a mobile phone. By the late s, cell phones became progressively accessible to the overall population Good Essays words 6.

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The discovery of cellphones had a significant yet remarkable impact on social, physical and economical aspects about life. Some of the contributions towards cellphones have positive impacts. However, there are others who experienced a negative impact towards cellphones. Many countries around the world whether developed or developing, they rely heavily on cellphones as their main communication tool in the majority of sectors in the economy They can have a positive and negative impact on your life. A positive impact is that they are good if you have an emergency. Another positive thing would be keeping in touch with all of your friends and family.

They are bad because a lot of people spend way too much time on them. A lot of the time people text and talk on their phones while they drive and this can also lead to wrecks or even deaths. Another reason they could be bad are the rays from the phones have been known to cause cancer In fact, many people have become so fond of these devices that they use their phones even while they should be directing their attention at the road.

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Obviously, then, people are jeopardizing their own well-being as well as the safety of others when they choose to drive while on the cell phone This world has become so technologically dependent that it is hard for anyone to not use a cell phone, a computer, or some sort of device at least once during the day. Since technology has come so far, better education should be possible. Cell phones are a way of communication and can make people feel safe, so it is hard to believe that most schools ban them. It is time for schools to see that technology is the future and it is growing rapidly, along with educational and safety features Cell phones are a portable device that uses frequencies to send and receive calls and text messages over two devices and it has been regarded as the most commonly used portable device.

Cell phones use and emit radio waves and microwaves so inevitably, this begs the question of whether or not cell phones are dangerous. Better Essays words 9 pages Preview.

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Elementary through middle school should not be allowed to have cell phones at their access at all time because they are children who need to focus solely on school. Cells for them would be a distraction. As for high school students, they have different needs for a phone. One of the reason is because of emergencies. Second reason is cell phones teach students responsibility. Thirdly, cell phones avoids the double standard of administration having, while student are forbidden When were on the road however, irresponsible cell phone users are more than irritating: They are putting our lives at risk.