Shopping addiction essay

Shopping addiction and drug addiction share many of the same traits and behaviors, except instead of being addicted to substances, individuals who suffer from shopping addiction are addicted to the feelings triggered by shopping, or to the act of shopping itself. When left untreated, shopping addiction can interfere with your mental and emotional health and cause problems surrounding your finances, relationships, career, and education. Getting professional treatment for your shopping addiction can help you overcome the root causes of your addiction, and teach you how to shop and lead a healthier lifestyle without jeopardizing your livelihood.

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Financial hardship is a common sign of shopping addiction, as well as evidence of new, unused items around the home that seem to keep piling up. Shopping addiction tends to be more common among certain personality types. People who identify as extroverts may use shopping to boost or maintain their physical appearance and social appeal, and become addicted to buying new outfits for every occasion.

What Causes an Addiction to Shopping?

Those who tend to be moody and neurotic are also more prone to shopping addiction since these individuals make use shopping to self-medicate and relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety, and self-consciousness. Knowing common signs and symptoms of shopping addiction can help you determine whether you or a loved one may need professional treatment.

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Here are other signs and behaviors that indicate you or a loved one may be suffering from shopping addiction. Just like with any other addiction, shopping addiction can lead to difficulties with managing negative emotions like anxiety and depression. Those with shopping addiction who are unable to cope with these emotions may start using drugs and alcohol to self-medicate their symptoms.

This person is now an addict and shopping is the drug of choice. The consequences of shopping addiction can be devastating, with marriages, longterm relationships, and jobs. Other consequences are financial which can include ruined credit history, theft and bankruptcy or extreme debt. The emotional effects range from anxiety due to stress that can also result to physical health problems and ruined relationships, or even suicide. Research has shown that compulsive shoppers and spenders also suffer from mood disorders, substance abuse or eating disorders.

Reinforced Shopping

Impairment in relationships may occur as a result of excessive spending and efforts to cover up debt or purchases. Persons who engage in compulsive shopping or spending may become pre-occupied with that behavior and spend less and less time with important people in their lives. It is also common for an addict to begin lying and hiding their purchases from their family and keeping their spending to themselves.

Relationships often suffer as friends are not repaid, spouses and family members are not repaid, and necessary home bills can not be paid.

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The trust between the addict and members of the family is often lost and this causes the addict to exclude themselves which increases the urge to fulfill the void. The anxiety or depression experienced may result in the interference of work and other social activity. Financial problems may occur if money is burrowed or there is excessive use of credit to make purchases. They then are put into situations where there debt has become overwhelming and put them in dire restraints, leaving them unable to pay off bank loans, school fees, mortgages and other overhead costs. Many addicts lose their jobs due to the fact that they are unable to fulfill their duties.

In the case of a shopping addict, they may steal from their employer which results in them being fired. Shopping addiction can also have an effect on students. If a student is suffering from shopping addiction, their level of concentration decreases and their grades suffer. The student becomes less motivated because they become fixated on their addiction to shop.

Online Shopping Addiction: What It Is and How To Get Help | StyleCaster

There is also the risk of the student stealing from classmates or school property to support their addiction. This in turn can tarnish friendships and result in the student becoming expelled from school. Some think it is an excuse for people to label their moral problem as a disorder. Some think that doctors may be trying to make it a medical disorder to sell medication to consumers believed to be suffering from such a disorder.